Marv Kogan  President

Marv puts the "direction" into Media Directions. As it should be. Yet, for a guy with big ideas, he has a mind like a trap for small details. The rest of us got together and decided Marv's collaborative nature is his best attribute, followed closely by his creative bent, honesty and good humor.  Which is not to say he doesn't get on his muscle occasionally. Fortunately, he's hired a team that shares his fire for producing exceptional work, no matter how tight the deadline. Marv believes the process must start with getting to know you. So, when you're a Media Directions client, you'll have plenty of face time with Marv, and he'll make sure our entire team understands your industry, inside and out. Marv is internationally known for his knowledge of the healthcare industry and his expertise in clinical diagnostics.  He hardly ever rests, but when he does, it's to take a very short vacation. Marv received his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University and his Masters from the prestigious Northwestern University.     <>     847.499.3490     <>